Firework Stands: More Bang for your Buck

Firework stands are typically only open for a few short weeks out of the year. You find them open just before New Year’s and the Fourth of July. With a shipping container from Ricky Hill ENT, you can store your fireworks easily!

Our firework stands allow you to setup and sell your products straight from the container, then lock it tight and move it without any transfer of inventory. Our stands are ready to move and store within moments and with our security options you will have an unparalleled assurance that your investment is safe and secure.

No Freezing or Overheating

We are more than capable of adding air conditioning, and heating, to any of our fireworks stand modifications to make your job a little bit more bearable. We can also add electricity and communication lines to allow you to run credit cards for the convenience of your customers.

Ready to Customize your Container?

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Ricky Hill Enterprises can help you every step of the way, building your stroage container to your specs.